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HMS Hood 1937 - Bow View

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HMS Hood 1937 - Bow View

The bow view of HMS Hood. From here, you can make out the shear of her hull form:

HMS Hood 1937 - Bow View

Which both helped her sea-keeping, and reduced the chances, of an enemy shell penetrating her belt armour (by striking it an angle, as opposed to square on). You can also see, that Hood could bring to bear, just two forward naval gun turrets (aka four 15 inch shells) when approaching end on - as she did, on that fateful day (at the battle of the Denmark Strait), when she was lost, battling the Bismarck. This view also shows, another important fact about HMS Hood, from the shear number of windows and view slits, that are visible from this angle: how important visually sighting the enemy was, in a time before radar.

14/11/2017 | Nebula Hawk

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