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HMS Hood 1937 - Minesweeper and Winches

Whilst it's hard to imagine HMS Hood being used as a Minesweeper, she was equipped as such!

HMS Hood 1937 - Minesweeper and Winches

On the left, can we see a Minesweeper's Para-vane, which would have been towed from the bow of HMS Hood, when looking for mines. To the right of this, can we find both ventilation shafts (at the foot of the main armoured conning tower), and various winches (which I believe, were used for hauling her fifteen inch shells aboard). To the right of these, is the barbette of B turret, which featuring armour of up to 12 inches thick, protected the shell supply chain, of the dual 15 inch gun turret (that sat on-top). Just visible bottom right, is one of Hood's breakwaters (designed to protect the forecastle deck, from bow spray).

05/11/2017 | Nebula Hawk

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