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HMS Hood 1937 - Front Conning Tower

Here we can see, what I regard as HMS Hood's front conning tower:

HMS Hood 1937 - Front Conning Tower

Though technically the term conning tower, only applies to the elliptical structure on the front (with the rest being superstructure). The conning tower itself, was concerned with the aiming of the primary armament 15 inch naval guns. It was protected by armour of up to 11 inches thick: to ensure that Hood's 15 inch naval guns, could be aimed and fired, even in the heaviest action. The superstructure itself, was concerned with both the manoeuvrability of HMS Hood (such as steering and navigation), and further fire control (for both the secondary armament, and anti-aircraft guns). The superstructure was soft (aka thinly protected), to save armour weight. It included such equipment as: search lights, 3 pounder saluting guns, quadruple 0.5 inch anti-aircraft guns, eight barrelled two pounder anti-aircraft pom-poms directors, 5.5 inch secondary armament directors, evershed transmitters and air defence platform equipment (e.g. binoculars).

10/11/2017 | Nebula Hawk

HMS Hood 1937 - Front Conning Tower - Aft Details : Which clearly shows, the various staircases (or ladders), that were used by crew members, to gain access to different levels.

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