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HMS Hood 1937 - Front Conning Tower - Lower Levels

Here we can see the first, second and third decks of HMS Hood's front Conning Tower Superstructure:

HMS Hood 1937 - Front Conning Tower - Lower Levels

Of particular interest are: i) The quadruple 0.5 inch anti-aircraft guns. These were designed to put up a wall of fire, that it was believed, would help disintegrate enemy aircraft (that were targeting the bridge). ii) The 3 pounder saluting guns. These were a peace time addition, mainly used when conducting ceremonies - that were removed in times of war. iii) The secondary armament (twelve 5.5 inch naval guns) fire control directors - the rotatable cylinder with a view slit in the front. iv) The various signal search lights, which were used to communicate visually, with other warships.

03/11/2017 | Nebula Hawk

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