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Battleship Artwork - Military Artwork - Digital Commission

3D Modellers, with a passion for preserving the past, particularly pertaining to Battleships, and the Weapons that they wielded. Here you can see, the Pride of the Royal Navy herself, HMS Hood (as she appeared in 1937), together with one of her anti-aircraft guns (an eight barrelled 2-pounder Pom-Poms mount):

HMS Hood 1937 - Midships - and Royal Navy Pom Poms

Battleships were the Greatest Warships of their time, and to the Men that served on them, they lived a way of life, that now no longer exists ... Our Military Artwork, aims to help preserve these bygone times, and it is hoped, that it shall be of interest to Military Museums, and to other such areas of public interest (e.g. education).

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Star Wars - Complete Vehicles

When it comes to a Science Fiction book, that guides you through the Battleships and Starships, of the Star Wars Universe - then there really is no better source of reference, than Star Wars - Complete Vehicles:

Star Wars - Complete Vehicles - Starship drawings and cutaways.

I like the fact that this book, includes large cross-section drawings and cutaways, of the Capital Ships - that make up both the Imperial Navy, and the Rebel Alliance. The artwork is outstanding! In both terms of it's quality, and in terms of it's details - such as showing the inner workings of Capital Ships, Cruisers, Fighters and Assault Craft (including weapon systems, sensor arrays and command/control positions). Each drawing is also accompanied, by a wealth of textural information, that helps you understand just how, these Interstellar Capital Ships - actually function :) I particularly enjoyed, the section on Republic Technology, which explains the combat and manoeuvring systems, of both large Starships, and small Starfighters - including: shields (which deflect incoming laser beams and ballistics), armament (an entire range of futuristic laser cannons and gun turrets, together with conventional missiles and shells), power systems (such as nuclear fission and fusion reactors, which both supply power for weapon systems, shields and life support) and engine systems (such as sub-light Ion Engines, and greater than light-speed Hyperdrives). I also enjoyed the sections, that describe both the Republic's Firepower, and the Imperial Navy's Firepower ... As there's heavy-duty turbo-laser gun turrets, that can punch through both the shields and armour, of enemy Battleships, Starships and Cruisers! And it is these laser gun turrets, that are fitted to the Capital Ships, that are found within this book :) When it comes to the Capital Ships, do I find that they draw my eyes the most (as they are highly detailed behemoths) - and I have three favourite Battleships/Starships ... First: is the Venator Class Star Destroyer. With it's red hull markings, contrasted against it's grey/beige metal hull form, and it's high dorsal ridge (aka conning tower), does this Starship look extremely domineering :) At over eleven hundred meters long, does this Starship also function as an Aircraft Carrier - as it can deploy an entire Fleet of Starfighters and Assault Vessels! Of it's on-board weapon systems, do I especially like the inclusion of it's eight heavy turbo-laser gun turrets - which are used primarily, for broadsides against enemy Starships (in traditional Navy style Fleet Encounters). Second: is the Republic's Home One (Fleet Flagship). Being of an elongated cylindrical shape, do I especially like the concept of size, that's found within this Starship's midship section :) As it's outer decks (of accommodation and personnel), are wrapped around it's internal vitals (of power and atmospheric processing plants) - together with a unique twist, of an internal Paradise Lagoon (recreational area)! Added to this, is the concept of two smaller Spaceships (one large, one small), that can detach from the larger Mothership - and Home One takes on a class, all of her own :) Third: is the Starship Invisible Hand, which having it's cutaway drawing, spread out over four pages (when folded out) - is truly impressive :) Being a long Starship, can you see exactly where her hull form, suffers tremendous breakup stresses - when she ends up passing through, a planetary atmosphere! You can also see, the arrangement of internal bulkheads and frameworks, that support her thickened hull form - together with the large internal hangers, that house the various assault ships/vessels (of the Droids and their Army). A further twist (for me), is the inclusion of emergency air brake panels - which protrude from the sides of her hull form (in a bid to slow her down!). Her hull form also features a conning tower (which I feel is overly tall), together with external communication sensors and masts (which I again feel, are somewhat protruding). What of the smaller Starships and Starfighters? Well ... There's again three, that stand out for me :) First: is the Millennium Falcon, which although I knew she was fast, I didn't know that the reason (that she is fast), is because of her upgraded Ion and Hyperdrive engines! I also didn't know, that she carried military grade, quad laser gun turrets - that are insanely powerful, for a Spaceship of her size :) Even so, I was pleased to see, that I could relate to the logic, of locating her vitals (such as her power core and engineering station), towards the centre of her hull form - where it affords the most protection! I even found myself amused, by the idea of added armour plates (that thicken her hull form), as it seemed to me, that they were added in a somewhat - haphazard fashion :) Second: is the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter (as used by the Rebels). This entry made me laugh, when I read that the X-Wings (quad) laser cannons, operate at the limits of safety - in order to maximise firepower! I was also surprised to learn, that the X-Wing is capable of undertaking Deeper Space Missions by itself - as it incorporates life support systems (for it's pilot), that can last for several days. I also liked the complexity of the X-Wing (upon it's schematic) - which I feel, comes from it's high levels of manoeuvrability (such as it's various thrusters), and the fact that this small Starfighter, also packs a Hyperdrive! Third: The Imperial Tie Bomber. Which I found provided an interesting twist, as it's really a Starbomber (as opposed to a Starfighter) - which is able to precision bomb, both planetary targets (such as military installations), and Starship hull forms. Thus, did I like the fact that the Tie Bomber, augments the already fearsome bombardment capabilities, of the behemoth Capital Ships - such as Star Destroyers :) Overall: this is an amazing Science Fiction book, that contains a wealth of information, on both the Capital Ships (such as Battleships and Starships), and the smaller Spaceships and Starfighters - that are found within, the Star Wars Universe. Added to this, is the books coverage of land based assault vehicles, both the smaller (such as the AT-RT one man walker), and the larger (such as the AT-AT assault force walker) - and you start to gain some idea, of the amount of quality information, that's contained within this book :) I also liked the fact, that this book can be read, in two specific ways ... Either - 1) pick-up and read a random page (as there's so much detail on it, it's just as distracting!). Or - 2) read from cover-to-cover (as this examines the various Starships, in a chronological order, that reflects the sequence - of the Star Wars films). In either case, do I feel that you shall loose many an hour (just like me), pawing over specific Starship drawings and cutaways :)

27/10/2016 | Nebula Hawk

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HMS Queen Elizabeth

Of all the Royal Navy's Battleships, there are none more highly regarded, than those of the Queen Elizabeth class - and of those, is there none more renowned, than the lead warship herself - HMS Queen Elizabeth:

HMS Queen Elizabeth - with eight fifteen-inch Naval Guns and twenty Dual Purpose four-and-a-half-inch Quick Firing guns.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, was one of five sister battleships, that having been laid down in 1912/1913, became the workhorses of the Royal Navy (throughout both World Wars). In terms of Naval Architecture, is there an important milestone, that is usually accredited to them: that they are seen as, the World's first true, fast battleships :) For one simple reason - their designs were close to, the ideals of matched: armour, guns and speed! For me, I feel that the Queen Elizabeth, was also the most glamorous (of her sisters) - as she received, the most modifications, throughout her long service life (of thirty-six years). When it comes to the Queen Elizabeth's profile, are there four features, that I particularly liked ... First: Is the arrangement of her primary armament - two naval gun turrets forward, and two naval gun turrets aft. Which for me, has always felt, like it encapsulated, the ideas of balance. And yet, do these ideas of balance, also transfer themselves, to the choice of naval gun calibre. For the Queen Elizabeths, were armed with eight fifteen-inch naval guns, which are believed to have been, the best well balanced guns, within the Royal Navy (of all time). As the fifteen-inch naval gun/shell, met the ideals of: maximised destructive fire-power, with low barrel wear/tear, and considerable engagement range :) Which is perhaps (just slightly) ironic, because it was feared, that the fifteen-inch calibre shell, would not be as successful, as the earlier, thirteen-and-a-half-inch calibre shell, nor as successful, as the much more widespread (and familiar), twelve-inch calibre shell - which had both been fitted, to previous battleship classes. Second: Whilst the earlier profile, of the Queen Elizabeth, was certainly impressive - they are as nothing, when compared to the Queen Elizabeth, when she was overhauled, with her imposing block like, forward superstructure (and conning tower). As this feature, really modernised the appearance of, the Queen Elizabeth :) Whilst at the same time, do I feel that it improved, her fighting capabilities no-end, as there was so much more, available space and vantage points - for fire control :) Third: Originally, the Queen Elizabeth was armed, with sixteen six-inch (case-mated) secondary naval guns - which were again, at the mercy of turbulent seas! The fact that these six-inch guns, were also intended, with the soul purpose of engaging, enemy vessels - meant that they were of little use/value, against enemy aircraft. Thus was I glad, when the Queen Elizabeth was overhauled, with a dedicated secondary armament, of twenty dual purpose four-and-a-half-inch guns - that could target both enemy vessels, and enemy aircraft :) I also liked the fact, that these dual purpose guns, were both enclosed in turrets, and that they were located, at higher levels, above the hull form (e.g. at main deck level), which afforded more usability, in turbulent seas :) Forth: Was the addition of bulges, onto the sides, of the Queen Elizabeth's hull form. Where as earlier battleships, had been coal powered (with the coal providing reasonable levels of dampening, against the shock/power of a torpedo impact/explosion) - there was no such protection, within the Queen Elizabeths (as they were oil fuelled). Thus, did the hull form bulges, provide a layer of protection, against the menace - of the submarine/aircraft launched torpedo :) Despite this, was there one particular modification, to the Queen Elizabeth (and her battleship class), that I was not-so-keen on: their aircraft arrangements. Whilst I understand the logic, of having aircraft launched from a battleship (e.g. a spotter plane), I feel that such modifications, were really too space occupying, and should have been reserved/relegated, to the role of a support ship (such as an accompanying aircraft carrier, or an accompanying destroyer/cruiser - equipped with sonar, for the detection of submerged submarines). Overall: the Queen Elizabeths, were the most heavily used, of all the Royal Navy's battleships. They were present at every major theatre of war, even being useful - when heavily damaged! An example of this, was when HMS Warspite (one of Queen Elizabeth's sisters), was limped into position, to bombard the invasion beaches (of D-Day) - whilst only having six usable, fifteen-inch naval guns. And as for the Queen Elizabeth? Well ... I just loved the fact, that her later modifications, resulted in a truly impressive and imposing - Titan of the Seas :)

20/10/2016 | Nebula Hawk

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Battleship Artwork - HMS Hood 1937