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Starship Artwork - Nebula Hawk Bug

Battleship Artwork - Military Artwork - Digital Commission

3D Modellers, with a passion for preserving the past, particularly pertaining to Battleships, and the Weapons that they wielded. Here you can see, the Pride of the Royal Navy herself, HMS Hood (as she appeared in 1937), together with one of her anti-aircraft guns (an eight barrelled 2-pounder Pom-Poms mount):

HMS Hood 1937 - Midships - and Royal Navy Pom Poms

Battleships were the Greatest Warships of their time, and to the Men that served on them, they lived a way of life, that now no longer exists ... Our Military Artwork, aims to help preserve these bygone times, and it is hoped, that it shall be of interest to Military Museums, and to other such areas of public interest (e.g. education).

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Starship Artwork - Nebula Hawk Bug